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Real Time System Management

Department for Real Time System Management has the following scope of work:

  • It manages EES of BiH.
  • It makes intraday changes and complements of daily schedules.
  • Allocation of crossborder ATC.
  • Data exchange during a daily schedule realization (daily reports).
  • Planned and unplanned disconnections and works.
  • Ancillary services engagement (secondary and tertiary regulation).
  • Activation of the transmission system’s element and/or a generation unit after an outage.
  • Repairing after partial or total breaks of EES.
  • Monitoring the system within ENTSO-E and sending data and messages relating EES BiH through EAS.

Monitoring, managing and gathering of data in EES BiH is done with SCADA/EMS system and other software packages:

  • SCALAR system for automatic lightning localization.
  • EAS system for instantaneous exchange of operational information between memebers of ENTSO-E.
  • WAMS system provides monitoring of the transmission system stability.
  • Balancing Client ensures input and activation of secondary and tertiary regulation bids (activation of balancing energy).
  • EES system for creation, delivery and exchange of daily schedules.