About Us

Legal Affairs and Labour Relations

This Department has the following scope of activities:

  • Establishing and updating the legal frame of NOSBiH.
  • Following legal and regulatory regulations with the aim to harmonize legal frame of NOSBiH with those regulations.
  • Reviewing all legal and other acts which can influence NOSBiH work.
  • Analysing the legal regulations related to NOSBiH scope of work.
  • Reviewing the development within the international frame relating power regulation.
  • Preparation and following of the general acts of NOSBiH.
  • Preparation of a request for registration of NOSBiH and its amendmends.
  • Preparation of a request for issuance of the license for NOSBiH work.
  • Preparation of a request for NOSBiH tariff approval.
  • Preparation of various reports which NOSBiH submits in accordance to the Law on establishing Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • In cooperation with Department of human resources and administration the Department participates in the public procurement proceedings.
  • Preparation of Agreements and Contracts.
  • Coorporation with the regulators, market participants, institutions and authorities in BiH relating legal issues in connection with NOSBiH and providing legal opinion.
  • Involment in eventual disputes at the judicial, legal and other institutions where NOSBiH is included.