Balance market

According to the Law Establishing an Independent System Operator in BiH, NOSBiH is responsible for managing the Balancing Market in BiH. The Balancing Market is the central market for the purchase and sale of electricity operated by NOSBiH for purposes of maintaining the continuous balance of supply and demand in real-time, as well as the additional market mechanisms administered by NOSBiH for purposes of ensuring the provision of system services.

A Transmission System Operator must always be one of the Parties involved in any transaction in the Balancing Market. Participation in the Balancing Market is governed by the agreement concluded between NOSBiH and the electricity market participant in line with the Market Rules.

Activities in the Balancing Market (delivery of bids, activation and settlement) are performed on the Balancing platform and they are defined by these documents: Ancillary Services Procedures and the Rulebook on the Daily Balancing Market operations.