Studies and analysis

Studies and analysis
Study: Classification of generators according to installed capacity and voltage level at the connection point (local language) .pdf
Study: Influence of the pumped storage hydropower plant PHE Čapljina in its compensation operating regime on voltage conditions in the EES of BiH (local language) .pdf
Study: Black Start (local language) .pdf
Study: Identification of high voltages on the transmission network (local language) .pdf
Study: Analysis of the integration of wind power into the electricity system and market rules
Task 1: Review and Assessment of the Existing Transmission Network in BiH .pdf
Task 2: Power Grid Technical Diagnosis .pdf
Task 3: Network Reinforcement and Investment Planning .pdf
Task 4: Market rules and dispatching of new renewable generation .pdf
Study: Techno-economic aspects of voltage regulation (local language) .pdf
Study: The influence of solar power plants on transmission network
Final Report (local language) .pdf
Presentation (local language) .pdf
Analysis: Integration of wind and solar power into the ESS BiH in terms of regulation (local language) .pdf
Analysis: Integration nOIE into EES BiH (local language) .pdf