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Since 2005 Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOSBiH) manages the entire BiH transmission network (400 kV, 220kV and 110kV included voltage levels) with the aim of ensuring continuous electricity supply by the defined quality standards for the welfare of its citizens.

Three main functions

NOSBiH is a non-profit company in Bosnia and Herzegovina owned by the two entities, the Federation of BiH and the Republika Srpska. It carries out its activities in the territory of entire BiH. The work of NOSBiH is regulated by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC). These are the main roles and responsibilities of NOSBiH:

  • Managing the work of all high voltage transmission facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina at voltage level of 110 kV or above,
  • Managing the balancing energy market in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Determination of Indicative Generation Development Plan; review, approval and a direct revision of Long term Transmission System Development Plan.


Electric power transmission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a specific electric power activity, was organized in the mid-20th century. On 17th June, 1953, by the Decision of the Executive Council of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was established “Elektroprenos/Elektroprijenos” – electric power company for the transmission of electricity with its seat in Sarajevo. The scope of its work was electricity transmission, and design, construction, maintenance and development of the transmission system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was the first time that the electricity transmission in Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized as a specific electric power activity. The first significant core of 110 kV network in Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed in 1954. It comprised the network of 110 kV overhead power line whose length was 480 km and 5 transformer substations of 110/35 kV. The construction of these lines and substations enabled interconnection of HPP Jablanica, HPP Jajce I, HPP Jajce II, TPP Kakanj and TPP Zenica. Regional power systems of the central Bosnia, which were already large then, (Sarajevo, Zenica, Travnik, Kakanj, Bugojno, Jajce, Goražde, Foča) were merged into a single functional unit.

At that time within these regional power systems there had been working recently constructed public centrals: HPP Bogatići, HPP Mesići, HPP Vlasenica and HPP Banovići along with the industrial power plants in Blažuj, Lukavac, Foča, Bosanski Brod and Maglaj. The construction and entry into force of the dispatch centre provided unifed functioning of the related power plants and the power systems. Thus, in 1954, the electric power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina had began to function successfully. In recent 60 years, since the establishment of “Elektroprenos”, the capacities of the electricity transmission system have been developing dynamically. Organization of the electricity transmission system in Bosnia and Herzegovina had been changing in line with the changes of the economy system and the changes in organization of elektroprivreda company. In late 2002 there were three power transmission companies withih the field of electricity transmission: “Elektroprenos” Sarajevo (Company for electricity generation, transmission and distribution integrated within “Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine” Sarajevo); “Elektroprenos” Banja Luka (State owned company for electricity transmission integrated within the State owned company for electricity generation, transmission and distribution “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske”); and “Elektroprenos” Mostar (Company integrated within the Public company for electricity generation, transmission and distribution “Elektroprivreda Herceg-Bosne Mostar”).

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 1992 to 1995, there were heavy damages and destruction of the buildings and the installation in the transmission system. Therefore, it was necessary to make an enormous effort and significantly invest in the revitalization and recovery of the transmission system. In 1999, three power transmission companies (three elektroprivreadas) established a Joint Power Coordination Center with the purpose of coordinating the managing activities of the transmission system. The Law on Transmission of Electric Power, Regulator and System Operator set forth the conditions for the establishment of NOSBiH. Adoption of the Law Establishing an Independent System Operator for the Transmission System of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 16th July, 2002, was followed by the establishment of NOSBiH. Many undertaken activities were followed by a successful registration of NOSBiH at the Ministry of Justice on 12th July, 2005, as a legal entity founded by the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.