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Information System and Telecommunications

The field of activities of the organizational unit Information System and Telecommunications is:

  • Strategy, planning and development of information systems related to management and control of power system, telecommunications and business IT system in NOSBiH.
  • Following and keeping up with the modern trends and technologies related to management and control of the power system, telecommunications and IT and their using in NOSBiH Projects implementation.
  • Preparing relevant technical specifications and the Projects implementation.
  • Preparing and ensuring adequate IT support for operational management-control, operational planning and market operations.
  • Organization and coordination of maintenance, updates and necessary upgrades of the power control system platform, telecommunications and business IT system of NOSBiH.

Briefly, the currently systems that are constantly under care and maintenance are:

  • SCADA/EMS system, for management and control of the BiH Power System, which is implemented in the Control Center of NOSBiH. The main functions/applications of the system are: SCADA, Load Frequency Control and a larger spectar of the network analysis functions. The System collects data from 155 substations and power plants of the BiH Power System and, additionally, data from 37 important substations of other transmission systems through Electronic Highway Network, and via center-center communication, from ELES Ljubljana, HOPS Zagreb, EMS Belgrade, CGES Podgorica and APG Vienna. In addition, the Control Center of NOS BiH is connected to EAS System (Awareness System of ENTSO-E) through Electronic Highway Network too.
  • Telecommunications. Telecommunication System of the BiH Power System comprises of around 4500 km of optical cables, 120 SDH nodes and around 127 PDH nodes. This entire Telecommunication System is monitored, checked and, if necessary, (re)configured with the specially dedicated TNMS (Telecommunication Network Management System) located in NOSBiH. By using TNMS, NOSBiH performs managing and monitoring (and if necessary reconfiguring) the entire telecommunications in the BiH Power System.
  • Coorporation IT Business System. The System is based on Hyper-V Cluster, SQL Database Cluster, and the central Storage. This business/corporate network in NOSBiH is divided in VLANs which follow NOSBiH organizational structure. This System also covers IT needs-requirements for applications related to operational planning and market operations and, in addition, includes NOSBiH Web site, internet access and other different supports.