Market documents
Market Rules .pdf
Procedures for data exchange between NOSBiH and DSO (local language) .pdf
Instructions for Daily Schedules Nominations (April 2022) .pdf
Instructions for the implementation of the temporary model for “Virtual Power Plants” access to BiH electricity market (June 2022.) .pdf
Decision on the temporary model which enables non-discriminatory and free access to the unique electricity market in BiH for power plants connected to the distribution grid .pdf
Issuing EIC Codes
EIC Codes (local language) .pdf
Issued EIC Codes by NOS BiH (local language) .pdf
All issued EIC Codes .zip
Aplication request for EIC (local language) .pdf .doc
Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services Procedure .pdf
Procedure for regulated procurement of electricity to cover transmission system losses (local language) .pdf
Reserve Object Registration Form (local language) .pdf .doc
Balancing Market Operation Rules .pdf
Registry of Objects providing Ancillary Services (local language) .pdf
Ancillary Services Agreement (local language) .pdf .doc
Balance market
Balance Liability Agreement (local language) .pdf .doc
Handover Points (local language) .pdf .doc
Market Participant Registration Form (local language) .pdf .doc
Balance Responsible Party Registration Form (local language) .pdf .doc
Balance Group Participation Form (local language) .pdf .doc
Register of Market Participants .pdf
Register of Balance Responsible Parties .pdf
Register of Objects providing Ancillary Services (local language) .pdf