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Market Operations

The following activities are performed within the Department for Market Operations:

  • Registration of market participants and balance responsible parties (BRP).
  • Assignment of EIC codes to the market participants.
  • Registration of market participants for participation in auctions for crossborder capacities allocation.
  • Harmonization of calculated unwanted deviations of the regulation area of BiH and compensation programmes with the Block coordinator.
  • Calculation of imbalance of BRP and distribution of compensations to BRP.
  • Ancillary services calculation.
  • Creating reports on internal and crossborder trades.
  • Creating monthly and annual reports on transmission network flows.
  • Creating reports on the size of energy and peak loads for the companies taking over electricity from the transmission system.
  • Creating financing report including obligations of each market participant involved in auctions for crossborder transmission capacities allocation organized by NOSBiH.

On a daily basis the Department for market operations does the following:

  • Harmonizes and exchanges the data on international OHL with neighbouring system operators.
  • Creates daily reports on realized generation, exchange and consumption.
  • Calculates imbalance of BRP.
  • Creates reports on ancillary services.

The Department is also obliged to keep, publish and update of the following:

  • Record of market participants and BRP.
  • Record of market participants allowed to participate in allocation of crossborder transmission capacities which are within NOSBiH competencies.

Calculation Data Base is located in the Department of Market Operations as well as AMR system and aplication for contract notification.