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Economy and Financial Business

Department of economy and financing business has the following scope of work:

  • Implementation identified economy-financing politics.
  • Making Financing and Investment Plans.
  • Creating a set of forms according to SERC’s methodology for completing the Request for tariff.
  • Creating monthly, semi-annual and annual reports and makes analyses of business and plans realization.
  • Managing various financing issues from ITC, auction and other processes.
  • Keeping business books and additional records determined by the Law on accountancy, the Rules on accounting policies, International accounting standards and other valid documents.
  • Following and implementing local rules and International accounting standards and other businesses relating accountancy and financing business and controls validity, accuracy and rules of accounting documents.
  • Filling in VAT forms, calculation and filling in forms for witholding tax.
  • Domestic and International payment orders.
  • Calculation of salaries and other fees of employees and making other records as required by the law regarding the taxes and employees’ contributions.
  • Operating Cash Flow (KM and foreign currencies).
  • Following and recording of fixed assets and small inventory and determining their life time usage.