Date: 15. Sep. 2022. - Notices

Control Block SHB high level meeting

On 14th September NOSBiH General Director Nemanja Pandurević and NOSBiH Executive Director Muhamed Mujakić visited Slovenia’s Transmission System Operator, ELES. At the company’s headquarters in Ljubljana NOSBiH representatives were welcomed by ELES Director Aleksander Mervar.

The purpose of visiting Ljubljana was the meeting by head of the companies managing power transmission systems of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which constitute the LFC Block SHB.

The meeting was held to discuss work results of this Control Block in the previous period which are related to quality parameters in terms of frequency and power balance deviations and the crossborder exchange of tertiary reserves (mFRR). The parties agreed on future actions related to renewal of the Operational Agreement of LFC block SHB that will enable more efficient exchange of control reserves and more reliable work of power systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.