Date: 28. Mar. 2022. - Competitions

Job vacancy announcement

Pursuant to Article 33, 1. h) of the Law Establishing Independent System Operator for the Transmission System in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of BiH, 35/04), Article 8 of the Labour Law in the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovia (Official Gazette of BiH, 26/04, 7/05, 48/05, 60/10, 32/13 and 93/17), and in line with NOSBiH Rules of Procedures no 9/17 of 13th February 2017, and NOSBiH Rule Book on Internal Organization and Jobs Descriptions with the description of working positions no. 36/17 of 11th September 2017, and the Decision on Filling Vacant Positions at NOSBiH no 02-346-1/22 of 21th March 2022, Independent System Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina is making a job vacancy announcement.
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