12ve February 2020 Procurement notice - ''Procurement of services: property and equipment insurance''

th February 2020 Late last year United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Bosnia and
Herzegovina has launched Energy Sector Assistance Project - EPA. USAID in this Project expects
collaboration between key entities in the BiH Energy Sector. For this reason, USAID
representatives visited NOSBiH. 
Andrew Boegel, Director of the USAID BiH Economic
Ankica Gavrilović, USAID Project Manager and Mak Kamenica, EPA Project
Director with their associates had a meeting with 
Milodrag Košarac, NOSBiH General Director
Ana Marić and Muhamed Mujakić, Management Members. USAID representatives informed
their hosts on EPA's main objectives and considered areas for future cooperation with NOSBiH
and other organizations within the BiH Energy Sector. NOSBiH representatives pointed out the
problems in the BiH Electric Power System, specifically emphasising the problems which NOSBiH
faces and the opportunity to receive assistance of USAID through the presented project – EPA.

th January 2020 Correction of procurement notice – 'Procurement of Software for calculation and